Nunes Souto Advogados has as its primary purpose to bring to our client’s effective solutions in synchronicity with the tendencies and aspirations of the legal market. The expertise and knowledge of the different sectors of the economy enable us to fully answer the demands of our clients in a responsive and modern manner, producing not only the required solution but also economic efficiency.

We work in a tailor-made style, and our clients count on a customized service where all the differentials of their market sector are examined and considered in detail, which gives us the certainty of suggesting the best legal solution.

Our ethical and moral values permeate the entire operation, as well as the vision and the mission of our firm. It allows us to affirm that our lean structure enables an exclusive and direct approach with the responsible partner or consultant, which characterizes the dynamic presentation format of our services.

To guarantee excellence, speed, and economy in the solutions presented to our clients, with the purpose of becoming a reference in the legal and academic market, besides contributing to the social and sustainable development of our planet.
To be among the best law firms in the market and to be recognized for the development of our work focusing on results, efficiency, and transparency.
To provide legal services always attentive to the legal and ethical standards that underpin the legal system. To act with freedom and haughtiness in search for the best solution to our client, as well as to interact with peers, prosecutors, magistrates, servants, and parties in an urban and respectful way, encouraging for a peaceful solution to the conflict. Besides, to rely on the study as a perennial source of updates, to allow to our team more technical legal knowledge to solve the cases entrusted to us.